Bicycle Four Kings

68,32 Kn

Šifra artikla: 34.03305
Jedinica mjere: komad
Garancija: 12
Cijena: 68,32 Kn

Artikl je moguće naručiti, ali se vrijeme isporuke zbog specifičnosti naručivanja produžuje na 5 - 10 radnih dana od datuma uplate!
This best seller was finally made with the Bicycle cards!

The mentalist shows a black envelope and states that inside it there are four kings. He asks a spectator to think of one of the kings and name it. Then the mentalist takes the cards out from the envelop, he fans them and mysteriously, the thought of king will be the only one turned face up among the others. But that s not all... the thought of king is the only one with a different coloured back.

Very easy to do!

• The cards are poker size and of the usual Bicycle quality.